Multiply your memory many times

 Multiply your memory many times  Dear friends, We are planning to launch a new book in the market, which will not only double, triple but multiply your memory by many times….I hope you all  have read our sample memory tricks. You will remember the information in those tricks for many years to come, even though you […] READ MORE →

Secretariat Assistant Notification 2015

Secretariat Assistant Notification 2015…… Gazette Date: 31/12/2014 Last Date : 04/02/2015 Category No:638 /2014 DIRECT RECRUITMENT Department : Government Secretariat/Kerala Public Service Commission/ Advocate General’s Office(Ernakulam)/Local Fund Audit Department Name of Post : Assistant /Auditor scale of pay : `13900-24040/- Number of vacancies : Not estimated Method of appointment : Direct Recruitment Age limit : 18-36. Only […] READ MORE →

Secretariat Assistant Kerala PSC 2015 – Winning Strategy

SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT (KERALA PSC) 2015 EXAM: WINNING STRATEGY Are you ready SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT (KERALA PSC) 2015 EXAM? The obvious answer to the question is YES, I AM READY to grab the opportunity and get the Secretariat Assistant Job !!! But, wait for a minute.  What will be the success ratio? Lakhs of people have applied for a […] READ MORE →

Secretariat Assistant 2015 (Kerala PSC) syllabus

SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT 2015 SYLLABUS (KERALA PSC) EXAM  BEFORE READING THE SYLLABUS:    Dear Aspirants, you can find the following tricks and memory methods to pass Secretariat Assistant exam with HIGH SCORES. Please visit for free materials and tricks. Click on the topic below to open the tricks. PSC KERALA MEMORY TRICKS ( REALIZE THE […] READ MORE →


SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT 2015 : FREE E-BOOK (100  IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – KERALA SOCIO-RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND KERALA RENAISSANCE)  Kerala PSC asks questions related to Kerala History in general and Socio-Religious leaders (Renaissance Period) in particular in Secretariat Assistant exam. One should always be prepared to answer such questions boldly. If you are in dilemma,  how to prepare […] READ MORE →


LDC KERALA 2013 CURRENT AFFAIRS QUESTIONS Q) Name the person of Indian origin who was selected for MacArthus Genius Award recently ( $625,000)? Ans) Vijay Iyer (a famous jazz pianist, he was one of the 24 persons selected for genius award) Q) ‘Angela Merkel’ became the chancellor of Germany for the ____ time? Ans) Third […] READ MORE →