Economic Current Affairs (Must Know)

Economic Current Affairs… Dear aspirants, You must acquaint yourself with the following information on Indian economy, if you want to score high marks in competitive exams like Kerala PSC, UPSC, TNPSC, APPSC, BANK or Railway exams. The information provided below is latest (as on 21/02/15) 1)  Indian Economy Key Indicators (Note: Any one of the below given, may […] READ MORE →

Quicker Maths: Squaring

Quicker Maths: Squaring… Dear aspirants, There are a few shortcuts for maths which you must know to score high marks in competitive exams like Kerala PSC, TNPSC, APPSC, BANK, RAILWAY exams…  Squaring of numbers ending with 5 This method is used for squaring numbers whose unit digit is ‘5’ Lets take (15) 2  You must note […] READ MORE →

Quick Maths: Numbers

Quick Maths: Numbers   Q) The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the two digits of the number is 9. If the sum of the two digits of the number is 15, then what is the original number? a) 89 b) 96  c) 87 d) None Solution) 1. Conventional solution […] READ MORE →

Memory Tricks ‘Factory’

Hi friends, There is a Memory Tricks ‘Factory’ in each one of us. Only thing needed is to get quality products from it. The factory which I am talking about is our own brain. You have to just Realize its power Believe in its potential Learn the techniques to ‘produce’ tricks ‘Produce’ Tricks yourself Score high […] READ MORE →

Simplified Maths : Averages

Q) The average of 30 students in a class is 14 years. When age of class teacher is included the average becomes 15 years. Find the age of class teacher. Solution) Conventional method ( No of students = 30 Average age = 14 Sum of age = 30 x 14 = 420 Total people including teacher = 31 Average […] READ MORE →

Very simple Maths Trick on fractions

Dear friends, Suppose you get a question like this in your exam:- Q) Find out the greatest value among the following fractions? 7/8, 5/9, 4/7, 2/5 Solution) How do you do solve this question? (Keep visiting for sure success) Conventional way  1. First you have to make all the denominators equal and for this take […] READ MORE →

Secretariat Assistant Notification 2015

Secretariat Assistant Notification 2015…… Gazette Date: 31/12/2014 Last Date : 04/02/2015 Category No:638 /2014 DIRECT RECRUITMENT Department : Government Secretariat/Kerala Public Service Commission/ Advocate General’s Office(Ernakulam)/Local Fund Audit Department Name of Post : Assistant /Auditor scale of pay : `13900-24040/- Number of vacancies : Not estimated Method of appointment : Direct Recruitment Age limit : 18-36. Only […] READ MORE →

Secretariat Assistant Kerala PSC 2015 – Winning Strategy

SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT (KERALA PSC) 2015 EXAM: WINNING STRATEGY Are you ready SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT (KERALA PSC) 2015 EXAM? The obvious answer to the question is YES, I AM READY to grab the opportunity and get the Secretariat Assistant Job !!! But, wait for a minute.  What will be the success ratio? Lakhs of people have applied for a […] READ MORE →