The Secretariat Assistant exam conducted on 05/01/201 and hope that all of you have done well. Given below please find the Secretariat Assistant answer key and solved paper (2013)……….

Keralapsc has published the Final answer keys. Six questions have been deleted by kerala psc out of 100 questions……




1. Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency?

a) Incandescent lamp b) LED c) CFL d) Arc lamp

Ans) LED

2. Yellow light is a combination of _________ primary colors?

Ans) Red and Green

3. Diverging lens produces _________ type of images?

Ans) Small virtual image

4. The process used to produce Ammonia is ?

Ans) Haber Process

5. The non-metal which exists in liquid state at room temperature is ?

Ans) Bromine

6.2007 Nobel Prize for chemistry was awarded to ?

Ans) Gerhard Ertl

7. The 5th state of matter is ?

Ans) Bose Einstein condensate

8. Speed of Blue color light in vacuum is?

Ans) = 3×108 m/s

9. Which fuel has the highest calorific value?

a.Biogas b. Methane c. Petrol D. Hydrogen

Ans) Hydrogen

10. In which direction does rainbow appear in the morning?

Ans) West  (Note: Rainbow always appears opposite to the sun)

11. The chief minister of  Uttarakhand ?

Ans) Vijay Bahuguna

12) Who is the president of France?

Ans) Francois Hollande

13) The Booker Prize winner 2012

Ans) Hilary Mantel

14. ICC T20 World Cup winner of 2012 is ?

Ans) West Indies

15. Who won the womens 100 mts gold in 2012 olympics?

Ans) Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce

16. The 59th National film award for best director was won by?

Ans) Gurvinder Singh

17. God’s particle is the pseudonym of _____?

Ans) Higgs Boson

18. Which rocket was launched by ISRO during the 100th mission?

Ans) PSLV C 21

19. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to _____?

Ans) European Union

20. The minister of Co-operation in Kerala is

Ans) C N Balakrishnan

21. India is mainly called a tropical country mainly on account of its

a) Latitudinal extent b) Longitudinal extent c) Areal size d) Tropical Monsoon climate

Ans) Latitudinal extent

22. The marshy and forested land in northern part of Uttar Pradesh is called?

Ans) Terai

23. Which river is called a river between two mountains?

Ans) Narmada

24. Which state is called agricultural epitome of India?

Ans) UP

25. Which region of India has a larger female population than male?

a) West Bengal b) Mizoram c) Nagaland d) Puduchery

Ans) Puduchery (Note: among given option puduchery is correct)

26. Who was the propounder of the doctrine of Passive Resistance?

Ans) Mahatma Gandhi

27. In which five year plan University Grants Commission was set up for promoting and strengthening higher education?

Ans) First Five year plan

28. Who is known as the father of Renaissance of western India?

Ans) M G Ranade

29. The longest river in Peninsular India ?

Ans) Godavari

30. The largest producer of rice in India

a) Kerala b) Andhra c) Tamil Nadu d) Gujarat

Ans) Andhra Pradesh (Note: West Bengal is the largest producer in India )

31. The national animal of Kerala is ?

a) Tiger b) Elephant c) Leopard d) Deer

Ans) Elephant (Note: This is a tricky question. We know that not only for kerala but for the all the states “Tiger” is the national animal. But assuming that the examiner might have intented to ask the “state  animal” we choose option as elephant)

32. The southern most river in kerala?

Ans) Neyyar

33. The Largest National Park in Kerala?

Ans) Eravikulam

34. The first dam in kerala?

Ans) Mullaperiyar

35. The most populated district in Kerala  as per census 2001?

Ans) Malappuram

36. The Chattambi swamikal was born in the year:

Ans) 1853

37. The savarna jatha  to support the Vaikom Satyagraha was organized by?

Ans) Mannath Padmanabhan

38. Vivekodayam magazine was published by

Ans) Kumaranasan

39. Atma Vidya Sangam was founded by

Ans) Vagbhatananda

40. In Travancore, the temple entry proclamation was made in

Ans) 1936

41. The constitution describes India as a ____________

Ans)  Union of States

42. The authority/body competent to determine the conditions of citizenship in India?

Ans) The Parliament

43. From which Constitution India borrowed the idea of Directive Principles of State Policy?

Ans) Ireland

44. Who was the chairman of the constituent assembly of India?

Ans) Dr Rajendra Prasad

45. Power of Judiciary to declare a law invalid on constitutional ground is called

Ans) Judicial Review

46. Status of UPSC is ________

a) Legal b) Administrative c) Advisory d) Constitutional

Ans) Constitutional

47. Chairman of National Human Rights  Commission is appointed by?

Ans) The President

48. Money bill is first introduced in ?

Ans) Lok Sabha

49. Which amendment act incorporated the Right to education into the list of Fundamental rights in  India?

Ans) 86th amendment

50. First Chairperson of the National Commission for Women?

Ans) Jayanti Patnaik

51. He stayed at home yesterday because he ______ a bad cold.

Ans) had

52. Look me _______ when you are in India next year.

Ans) up

53. I am extremely sorry I can’t talk to you now, I am  ________

Ans) pressed for time

54. Hundred rupees _______ enough for the taxi fare.

Ans) is

In which part of the sentences (55 and 56) is the mistake.

55. He has delivered     a best speech     on the topic

Ans) a best speech ( Note: the best speech is correct)

56. I received a check for one lakh rupees as advance for my book.

Ans)  a check for one lakh rupees ( Note: it is cheque and not check)

57. What is the passive voice form of : This shop sells non-fiction books.

Ans) Non-fiction books are sold in this shop.

58. Report,” Is your book on Shakespeare”, he asked her.

Ans) He asked her if her book was on Shakespeare

59. Chocolate cake contains a _________ amount of calorie.

Ans) Large

60. Within a short period of time, he reached the _______ of his career.

Ans) Pinnacle

Qn 61 to 70 malayalam

71. When a key is pressed on the key board which standard is used for converting the  keystroke into corresponding bits?


72. Software such as explorer and firefox are referred to as ____

Ans) Browsers

73. Which of the following is not an output device?

Ans) Scanner

74. Which technology is used in Compact Disk?

Ans) Laser

75. The programs which are permanent as hardware and stored in TAM is known as

Ans) Firmware

76. Which access method is used for obtaining a record from cassette?

Ans) Sequential

77. ASCII stands for?

Ans) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

78. Which of the following identifies a specific web page and its computer on the web?


79. An optical input device that intercepts pencil marks on paper media is

Ans) OMR

80. Information Technology act was enacted on ________

Ans) 09 Jun 2000





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