SSC Combined Graduate Level exam 2013: Important questions on Jammu and Kashmir

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2013: Important Questions on Jammu and Kashmir

Everybody is aware that Jammu and Kashmir has a special status. A few IMPORTANT questions that can be asked in SSC combined graduate level exam 2013 on Jammu and Kashmir are given below. It will help you to test your own knowledge in respect of how much you know about the state.

1. Which article gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir ?

A) Art 370

2. Which state in INDIA has a separate constitution?

A) Jammu and Kashmir

3. When did constitution of Jammu and Kashmir come into force?

A) Jan 26, 1957

4. Who framed the Jammu and Kashmir constitution?

A) A constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir.

5. Can Indian Parliament make a law with regard to Jammu and Kashmir on subjects  in state list?

A) No

6. Can Indian government proclaim financial emergency to Jammu and Kashmir?

A) No

7.Can any preventive detention law be extended to Jammu and Kashmir by govt of India?

A) No

8. With whom does the residuary power (i.e. subjects which are not in concurrent or state list) reside in the case of Jammu and Kashmir?

A) Jammu and Kashmir

9) Which is the only state in India which has dual citizenship?

A) Jammu and Kashmir

10) Can a person other than a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir buy a property in Jammu and Kashmir?

A) No

11) Can a person other than a citizen  of Jammu and Kashmir take part in elections in the state?

A) No

12) Can a national emergency proclaimed due to armed rebellion extended to jammu and kashmir?

A) No……….only national emergency due to external aggression..

13) Can the Indian parliament change the name and territory of Jammu and Kashmir without the states consent?

A) No

14) Should the state govt of Jammu and Kashmir consulted before appointment of Governor?

A) Yes

15) The tenure of  Jammu and Kashmir assembly is _____________ years?







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